The Lifetime Business Tax Plan

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For you today; your children tomorrow

Small Self Administered Scheme

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Property SSAS, Business SSAS, Family SSAS

For you today; your children tomorrow

'The Lifetime Business Tax Plan' can reduce Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax to 0%

Setting up the plan is straightforward and it completely removes the potential for any additional tax. It is available to businesses that have over £50,000 of surplus cash held in a UK bank and are controlled by between 1 and 11 directors.

The Lifetime Business Tax Plan

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Property SSAS

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Family SSAS

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What is a Lifetime Business Tax Plan?

A Lifetime Business Tax Plan is a packaged solution, exclusively for company directors, that enables them to solve multiple problems for their business and offers tools to:

  • Solve the immediate threat of a 40% tax penalty on surplus company cash
  • Transfer in company and pension cash to create significant liquidity
  • Protect family wealth and assets
  • Secure inheritance of company shares
  • Achieve wider investment choices in a low to zero tax plan
  • Create lifetime and beyond tax and inheritance strategies
  • Fund your business
  • Create succession plans
  • Grow the retirement fund
  • Invest in property

The Lifetime Business Tax Plan is made up of two components; an Investment Trust Fund and a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) both of which are only available to company directors. These exclusive tax mitigation plans also allow directors to transfer in former work pensions that are frozen or unmanaged. The transfer of company cash and former pension cash into one plan can create significant liquidity, providing wide investment choice in a low to zero tax plan.

What does The Lifetime Business Tax Plan offer?

The Lifetime Business Tax Plan offers innovative and robust planning and solutions for company directors to take control and save tax.

What is an Investment Trust Fund?

An Investment Trust Fund is recognised by HMRC as a form of Family Investment Company, which is a standard way of preserving family assets for future generations whilst mitigating any tax. As a special type of subsidiary or standalone company, this gives you the power to invest your company profits and surplus cash in property, stocks, and/or many other asset classes. An Investment Trust Fund has a high street bank account, similar to your current business account, and from this account you then control how the money is invested.

What is a SSAS pension?

A SSAS is pension trust that gives its members control of their pension funds and assets. A SSAS allows members to invest funds at their own discretion.

A SSAS has access to every type of investment that is allowed under rules set out by legislation, as with traditional pensions. In addition, a SSAS has additional investment privileges, such as investing in property or investing in your business, amongst other things. You can make permitted investments at any age; you do not need to be 55 to take control of the money in your pension. Click to download a beginner’s guide

Can I transfer my existing personal and workplace pensions into a SSAS?

Yes, with only a few exceptions, current personal and workplace pensions can be transferred to a SSAS.

To make a transfer, simply contact your existing pension provider and ask them to transfer the old pensions into your new SSAS. Your old pension provider will send some paperwork in the post which you will need to sign and return to them.

Always consider any benefits you are giving up by transferring your old pension as these may be lost when you move the pension. Your current pension provider can provide this information in writing or over the phone.

Can a SSAS purchase residential property?

A SSAS cannot directly invest in or hold residential property. It can purchase development land and sell prior to the building becoming habitable. An alternative is to invest in residential property in a hands-off manner. For example, you can loan to an unconnected developer or you can loan to your company and use the loan to invest in any business purpose you see fit. A SSAS can also invest in property crowdfunding. Read more…

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