Small Self-Administered Scheme pensions (SSAS) for beginners – 10 minute read


Perhaps you have heard of self administered pensions, such as the SIPP (self-invested personal pension) or the SASS (small self-administered scheme), but want to know more.  Are you daunted by all of the information out there or perhaps you just don’t know if it might be for you? Then our guide to small self-administered scheme pensions (SSAS) for beginners – 10 minute read – is for you!

​What questions will be answered in this guide?

  • What is a SSAS pension?
  • Can I have a SSAS pension?
  • Is a SSAS pension right me?
  • Can a SSAS pension help my business?
  • What can a SSAS pension invest in?
  • What next?
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Grow your pension, invest in your business, invest in property. Learn how to take control with our free beginner's guide to Small Self-Administered Scheme pensions (SSAS)

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