What I was aiming for, I’ve achieved!

Frank Joyce - Property Investor

Frank Joyce


Until 2013 I had paid into a pension with Friends life and the money was tied up in a traditional fund-based investment. They projected I would only make 5% growth on my money for the coming years ahead. I was unhappy with this projection. At retirement I wouldn’t have the capital I required.

I knew my pension could provide me with a higher return, this is when I came across The Landlord’s Pension. I was provided with a free pension report that explained past performances and the charges I was incurring. I invested in property that saw me earn 12% for a 1-year investment.

I knew exactly how my money was working and I could see physical results. I received 12% and the full amount of my £89,600 investment (Plus interest) back. I achieved exactly what I had set out to and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Landlord’s Pension to others looking to grow their pension pot.

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