I want to start a SSAS pension!


What are SSAS pensions? Is a SSAS pension a good idea? What do I need to know? What are the rules? These, amongst others, are questions we answer every day.

Pensions do not have to be complicated. With the right advice and support, you can start taking control quickly and easily with a SSAS.

What is a SSAS?

SSAS stands for Small, Self-Administered scheme. It is a type of pension scheme, allowing from 1 to 12 members to pool their pensions and invest the funds at their own discretion.

What are the basics?

To start a SSAS pension you must be a company director.

To make a SSAS pension worthwhile, we suggest you have a minimum of £75,000 to transfer into the SSAS

Registration takes up to 10 weeks

What are the advantages of a SSAS pension?

Pension growth, greater control and flexibility, enhanced tax planning, loan to your business, invest in property and build a legacy.

Does the SSAS fit within your framework?

The key to a successful SSAS is in having a clear strategy for your business, personal and retirement goals and a view of your ‘end game’. Once you have these, with the right support, a SSAS can be tailored as an invaluable tool to meeting your desired outcomes.

Rules and regulations 

A SSAS is a corporate pension so does not sit under the Financial Conduct Authority regulations.

SSAS pension schemes are regulated by The Pensions Regulator.

A SSAS must adhere to HMRC regulations. The Landlord’s Pension is authorised to administer pensions in the UK and our accountancy practice can submit your application.

Unless you are an expert in tax legislation, it is important to employ a corporate trustee to manage this area of your SSAS. We partner with trusted and respected corporate trustees.

Can I invest my pension in my business?

Yes! With the SSAS Loanback facility you can invest up to 50% of your pension into your business.

I want to invest my pension in property. Is that possible with a SSAS?

Yes! There are many avenues to investing a SSAS pension in various property investments.

What types of property can a SSAS invest in?

A SSAS can directly invest in commercial property and land. It can invest indirectly in residential property, for example property crowdfunding or via a third party.

What else can I invest a SSAS in?

A SSAS can invest in all of the same investments as traditional pensions, as well as your business and in property, but with far more control and flexibility.

Will I need ongoing SSAS, tax and investment advice?

To ensure the success of your SSAS, align it with your business, personal and pension goals and safeguard against tax penalty, it is advisable to employ the services of an experienced SSAS advisor.

What is the difference between The Landlord’s Pension and a SSAS Practitioner?

A SSAS Practitioner does not play a responsible role. They are just there for advice and support in setting up your SSAS. The Landlord’s Pension offer full SSAS setup, corporate trustee, strategy and investment advice and tax planning and ongoing dedicated SSAS Support.

Full SSAS pension and investment service

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