My SSAS Journey

Simon King - Senior SSAS Advisor

Taking Action Before Age 55

I myself, as well as personal pensions, had company pensions which I had opted into, all of which were “frozen” as my career progressed and I moved on to new challenges. On returning from the Middle East I decided at 49 to take stock of my various pension “pots” and assess what these would offer me at the designated retirement dates. While the growth had been reasonable and the provision, particularly from the bank pensions, fairly generous I soon came to the conclusion that these funds would not provide me with the type of retirement that I required or at the age that I would prefer to retire. I quickly realised that it was time that I took control of my own destiny and my own pension funds and invest in a way that I wished and would produce the results I needed.

The History

Prior to joining The Landlords Pension I worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years in the UK and the Middle East as both a Financial Advisor (FA) and Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) Part of my remit while working for various banks and financial institutions was to ensure that my clients made the very best plans to provide themselves with an income in retirement. This advice could involve setting up personal pensions or indeed encouraging an individual to take advantage of a company pension scheme if one was available.

What Did I Decide To Do?

Working with The Landlords Pension has given me a much greater insight into Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) pensions and Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) schemes, both of which offered the control and flexibility that my existing schemes didn’t. As a company director I chose to transfer my existing schemes into a SSAS pension, which gave me far greater investment options including the ability to invest my pension in property.

Was The Process Difficult?

The process was very simple. After sourcing the most cost effective SSAS provider to suit my own personal needs I completed my application form and left the administration team to establish the scheme, liaise with the SSAS provider, HMRC and the existing scheme providers and soon had the transfer of funds completed and the cash in my SSAS ready to invest.

Where Did I Invest?

As I had previously never had the opportunity to invest my pension funds into a property based investment I performed my own extensive due diligence on a number of property bonds and opted to invest my funds in a 5 year bond which offered a fixed return of 12% per annum with my pension trust holding a 1st legal charge on the property involved as security. The fixed return combined with the security put the unsecured, estimated 2% annual return predicted by the previous schemes I had well and truly in the shade.

What Else Was Available?

While I chose a completely hands off property investment, the other options for a SSAS were the ability to invest in commercial property, land, a loan back to my company to grow and expand the business, a traditional equity based platform or a combination of any or all of these. As I mentioned previously, the control and flexibility offered by the SSAS pension was key to my decision when looking to grow my pension fund and provide me with the best income possible in retirement.


If like me and over 1000 clients at The Landlords Pension you were concerned about your existing pension scheme(s) and retirement plans and you want to take control of your own pension planning with the choice to invest in property in some way then you do have that option.

If you’d like to find out more about how The Landlords Pension could help you grow your retirement fund Click Here to arrange to speak with one of our experienced consultants.

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