Case Studies

Read SSAS case studies, from our real SSAS clients. Case studies are the ideal way to learn how the power of a SSAS pension could work for you.

  • Read how real clients are investing their pensions to grow their businesses
  • Understand how real clients are investing their pensions in property
  • See the unique benefits achieved by taking control and combining you’re their pensions, pooling with others and saving on fees and charges
  • Discover how our clients are achieving extensive tax benefits by setting up a SSAS
  • Realise the unique succession planning tools available via the SSAS
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Learn how real clients are investing their pensions

Each of our case studies demonstrate how our service can help at every stage of the SSAS journey. We offer the knowledge and the tools to support your business and personal aims and goals, with personal, tailored strategies and innovative solutions. Our clients are our biggest advocates and we are proud to share their journeys and experiences to help you understand the unique power of the SSAS pension.


case study

Increasing growth to expand my business

9 August 2021
After 7 years in business, speech and language therapist Mags Kirk has a successful company, Two Can Talk, and is making good profit.
case study

My SSAS – The catalyst I needed to grow my property portfolio

9 August 2021
The following case study illustrates the SSAS journey taken by Dr Prithviraj Rao, Consultant Paediatrician at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
case study

Using the power of the SSAS Pension to grow your business

1 April 2020
Steve highlights the reasons all business owners should be aware of the SSAS Pension
case studyInsight

Investment, inheritance and the property SSAS pension

8 January 2020
Paul & Annie Allen. Accountants, Property Investors and Developers. Investment, inheritance and the property SSAS pension.
case studyInsight

The importance of pension goals

11 December 2019
John and Lisa Curran. Property Professionals and Investors. The importance of having pension goals and investing for retirement.
case study

Property Investment and the Long term rewards

7 November 2019
We talk to Paul Hastings, property investor and developer about property Investment and the long term rewards.

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