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Real life case studies

from property experts, property investors, property developers and company owners. Find out how business owners use SSAS pension to invest in property.  Learn how our clients are investing their pension in crowdfunding and property portfolios. Understand the power of the SSAS pension for loaning to your business and providing cashflow. Explanation of how to set up a SSAS pension from real life clients and business owners. Understand how setting up a SSAS has helped business owners like you take control of their pensions. Learn and understand how the SSAS loanback has helped company liquidity for many company directors. By loaning to their company using a SSAS pension, directors have helped cashflow their business. Many business owners have purchased their trading premises using their pension and tell the story of how a SSAS has helped achieve their business goals.

Why a SSAS pension is a good idea

These clients explain why a SSAS pension is a good idea, how to set up a SSAS pension. Read of SSAS success. By investing your pension in property you can achieve the same success as these directors. These case studies are from our real life satisfied clients who have taken control of their pension and started a SSAS pension. They are using a SSAS pension to invest in property. Some clients use their pension to increase their property portfolio.

Read case studies of how clients have fund their business with a SSAS

Many clients use a SSAS pension to loan to their business. Often, clients use a SSAS pension to build up their property portfolio, why a SSAS pension is a good investment tool for your company, how a SSAS pension is the best saving facility, how to learn about SSAS regulations and stay within HMRC rules. Many of our clients explain the amazing tax benefits of the SSAS pension.

Clients explain the tax benefits of a SSAS pension

Our clients are amazed at how tax efficient they become. Business tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax saving are all achievable when you take control with a property SSAS pension. Our clients understand why expert SSAS advice is so important and explain how they learned to manage their SSAS successfully with help and advice from The Landlord’s Pension.

We help our clients understand how to set up a SSAS pension

Just like these clients, The Landlord’s Pension can teach you how to set up a SSAS pension. As with Like the clients in these case studies, we can tell you what a SSAS pension can invest in. We have 100% positive feedback and 5 star reviews. Take some time to read these case studies and our testimonials to understand why a SSAS pension is the ultimate business tool. Save on tax, invest in property, build a legacy, take control. We can help you just as we have helped all of our clients. 100% of clients have been successful. You can read their stories in our case studies and testimonials.