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One of our experienced SSAS Advisors will call you at a time that is convenient for you to offer Property SSAS Pension Advice and walk you through how pensions can be used to invest in property or business at any age.

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  • Discover how a SSAS Pension can be used to grow your business
  • Learn 'how to invest my pension in property'
  • How to use a SSAS as a family pension
  • Understand why you should be considering a SSAS Pension
  • Find out what is involved in SSAS management
  • Learn about SSAS pension loans and SSAS pension investments​
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Many clients of The Landlord’s Pension are property investors and business owners; people who are busy investing or running their own business. The common myth is that anything to do with pensions is laborious, complicated and entailing mountains of paperwork. This is an illusion fast dispelled by The Landlord’s Pension and will be evident from your very first contact with one of our expert advisers. We have a very simple process which does not require much time investment at all.

Our team of experts offer a personal service. Consultations are tailored to your bespoke requirements and our team of experienced consultants can visit you at your home or office. Just contact us at The Landlord’s Pension to book a consultation

The Landlord’s Pension are self-invested and self-administered pension experts and are regulated by HMRC to administer UK pensions.

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