The Landlord’s Pension is approved by HMRC to administer UK pension schemes. HMRC number A0140182.

The Landlord’s Pension also markets land and property investments. Property in the UK and many jurisdictions abroad is not regulated. Property investments are not designated, specified or controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Anyone reading this should not accept any information contained as an inducement or offer to invest in any of the products displayed or inferred, nor should it be construed as tax or legal advice.

The Landlord’s Pension is not regulated by the FCA or any EU financial services authority and is not authorized to offer advice to the general public concerning any regulated or unregulated investment. You should seek advice from an independent financial advisor and/or tax advice on all information prior to making any property or land investment decision. The value of your property investment may fall or rise depending on market conditions and many other factors. We offer no guarantee as to future performance in respect of income or capital growth. This is not an offer to participate in a collective investment scheme.

The Landlord’s Pension makes no recommendation on any of the properties or investments information is provided upon. The Landlord’s Pension does not market, recommend or provide any advice on pensions/SIPPs. We introduce all interested clients to a regulated firm within the EU for this purpose. The Landlord’s Pension also acts as a promoter and/or introducer for third parties.