Small Self-
Administered Scheme

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What is a SSAS?

A SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme) is a pension trust that gives its members control of their pension funds and assets. A SSAS allows members to invest funds at their own discretion.

A SSAS has access to every type of investment that is allowed under rules set out by legislation, as with traditional pensions. In addition, a SSAS has additional investment privileges, such as investing in property or investing in your business, amongst other things. You can make permitted investments at any age; you do not need to be 55 to take control of the money in your pension.

Can a SSAS purchase residential property?

A SSAS cannot directly invest in or hold residential property. It can purchase development land and sell prior to the building becoming habitable. An alternative is to invest in residential property in a hands-off manner. For example, you can loan to an unconnected developer or you can loan to your company and use the loan to invest in any business purpose you see fit. A SSAS can also invest in property crowdfunding. Read more…

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