How to find the best SSAS providers

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Firstly, we should cover off exactly what a “SSAS Provider” is

Essentially your chosen SSAS provider will in most cases replace your traditional pension scheme provider. This means they will typically file the pensions returns to HMRC, manage the bank account of the pension and undertake administrative duties. Depending on the level of service you then choose will dictate the roles and responsibilities that they undertake.

Deciding which SSAS provider to work with is imperative, it’s important to recognise the different levels of services you may be offered.

The main types of services offered by SSAS providers are;
  • SSAS Administrators
  • SSAS Practitioners
  • Corporate Trustees
  • SSAS Brokers

You will need to decide whether you are simply looking for a practitioner to process payments and file scheme returns, a corporate trustee who takes a greater degree of responsibility in ensuring the SSAS pension conforms to HMRC rules or a SSAS broker who typically would be involved in not only the establishment of the scheme but also in the investment strategy of the pension. If you need help in deciding the level of service you require book a FREE consultation with one of our SSAS experts and get your questions answered by clicking here.

Once you have decided the level of service you require you will then need to decide on a provider to work with

Again there are many variables to consider but this usually comes down to either cost or flexibility.

One of the great benefits of a SSAS pension is the flexibility of investments you can make within the scheme however some SSAS providers impose their own restrictions on what you can and cannot do within their schemes. It’s vitally important that you work with a provider who understand and specialise in the investment strategy you are looking to undertake.

The Landlord’s Pension receive enquiries every week from people who have established a SSAS Pension with a provider who won’t let them implement their investment strategies, not because they don’t conform to HMRC rules but because they don’t fit within the providers internal rules. In this scenario you would then be looking to move provider and incur more cost, so ensuring you are working with the right provider first time round is important.

When is comes to costs of running a SSAS pension the charges do vary quite considerably from one provider to the next, typically schemes that The Landlord’s Pension establish have annual fees starting from as little as £600 p.a..

Still need more guidance?

The Landlord’s Pension recognised the difficulty many people faced in understanding what can and cannot be achieved within a SSAS Pension and the challenge in finding the most cost effective SSAS provider. As the UK’s leading SSAS pension broker we work with a range of SSAS providers to ensure you get the SSAS that fits in with your goals but is also cost effective. Speak to one of our SSAS advisors today by emailing or calling us on 020 3907 8400.

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