How to grow your pension fund by investing in property

If today, you were offered 10% interest on your savings, in contrast to the market average of 1%, you would jump at the chance, wouldn’t you? So, what would you say if you were offered a similar deal on your pension savings?

A pension is often viewed as inaccessible and complicated. To many, it is something to be left alone until retirement, but it is important to change that mindset and to understand that your pension is a savings and investment account, containing your money. Whilst most pay attention to their current account, savings account and other investments, the pension sits there at the back of the cupboard, only remembered when the yearly pension statement falls onto the mat, to be filed away without action or consideration.

By investing your pension funds into property crowdfunding, you could significantly increase growth, with very little knowledge of investments and minimal time commitment.

The first step is to take control of your pension funds, to allow investments to be made at your own discretion, not by pension companies. This avoids paying hidden fees and charges and allows clarity over where your money is invested and how it is performing. We will look at the ways you can take control later in this article, but first, let us look at how property crowdfunding is an exciting and profitable investment opportunity for pension growth.

How does property crowdfunding work?

Put simply, property crowdfunding involves making a loan, along with other investors, to a property developer for the completion of a development project. Rather than seek finance from the bank, the developer might take property loans to purchase development land, develop commercial, residential, buy-to-let or many other projects, offering the development itself as security. The loans are fixed term loans, typically of between two and five years. At the end of the fixed term, the original loan is returned to the lender, along with any returns owing.

Crowdfunding secure simple diverse

One such property developer, taking advantage of property crowdfunding is JVIP (Joint Ventures in Property), based in Kent. We asked Peter Dabner, CEO at JVIP, why the collaboration between investors and developers is so beneficial and how leveraging funds from those investing pensions is a win, win for everyone.

“Over almost 20 years, JVIP has helped investors leverage their money with our experience. This allows investors to optimise the use of their hard-earned money into projects that we have carefully sourced, assessed and made ready for building works that will add value for all parties. For JVIP, borrowing from SSAS pensions represents a reliable source of funding and they tend to be committed for a longer period of time, allowing the business to plan ahead in the best possible way. When looking at starting a SSAS it is important to understand the unique potential it offers and the strategies that can be employed to ensure continued, successful growth. The Landlord’s Pension are fast, efficient and offer a variety of SSAS solutions. JVIP have constant opportunities available and the pipeline is ready for funds to be deployed immediately.”

Join ventures in property

Security, simplicity & diversity

A key attraction of property crowdfunding for pension growth is the diversity, simplicity, and security it offers.

Choosing property crowdfunding over shares

The key to successful property crowdfunding using their pension funds, is to observe clients investing their pension funds to earn fixed returns and grow their pot. Property loans have long been providing significantly greater returns than the average returns generated by the stock market. The term “secure” is essential to state as there is something of real value to protect your funds. Property loans are also a very simple asset class to understand unlike shares and trading. No specialist knowledge of property, or finance, is essential. There is no extensive time investment required, when entering the area of property development loans with us. Loans are fully managed and transparent with tangible security, offering you the ideal opportunity to become involved property in a hands-off, safe environment.


Making decisions that are right for you frequently concludes that the stock market not only achieves lower returns, but you are in a marketplace where the value of shares or stocks can be wiped away at any moment, leaving you with nothing. The security offered by lending to property developers, via property crowdfunding opportunities, gives peace of mind to you, the lender.


Property crowdfunding is a simple way to enjoy fixed returns on your pension funds and consistently grow your pot. The hard work, due diligence, administration and management of your investments is done for you. Due to this, minimal time investment is demanded from you and you do not have to have the specialist knowledge and legal understanding that would be required for more complex and stand-alone property investment opportunities.


By investing your pension into property crowdfunding, you are essentially spreading your investment across the main UK property sectors. This diversity means that enviable, fixed returns can be offered at lower risk. Whilst you enjoy the simplicity of property crowdfunding, with one investment and minimal time commitment and requirement for specialist knowledge, your eggs are not all in one basket.

The SSAS Loan Association

The SSAS Loan Association (SLA) is a collaboration of professional, trustee-approved property companies. Uniquely, this brings together over 100 years of experience and over £250,000,000 in assets, for the benefit of investors.

Securing your capital is priority. The main risk factor with investing in property loans is the history, credibility and terms offered by the provider. The SSAS Loan Association property crowdfunding companies offer a demonstrable knowledge and an expert history in the delivery of successful, on budget, projects and developments. The trusted partners are experts in the main areas of property development within the UK, including Commercial Property, Residential Property, Buy-to-let Property and Mixed-Use property, and all have enviable records of success and client satisfaction.

Della Paviour

Della Paviour

Della Paviour. Marketing Lead. TLP