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The Landlord’s Pension is an expert in this niche sector of financial planning and have been helping clients to invest in property since 2004.

John Charles Property Investments

John Charles Property Investments have emerged as a market leader in the area of new build housing development and subdivision in the South-East of England. In that time they have launched their own property bond, returning investors between 6-7% with a 100% track record of delivering returns on time and in full.

John Charles Property Investments was established in 2004 by property investor and entrepreneur Gareth Bertram.

John Charles create and build new homes all over the South East of the UK. These homes are aimed at first time buyers, a market which has flourished in a combination of short supply and excess demand.

Empire Property Holdings

Empire Property Holdings was incorporated as a special purpose vehicle, to acquire commercial properties for development into residential accommodation by the Developer, Empire Property Concepts in the North East of England.

Empire Property Holdings is born out of Empire Property Concepts. Empire Property Concepts was set up by Director, Paul Rothwell, in September 2009.

Having already completed his first property investment at University & developed a portfolio with his brother Adam, Paul wished to make his property development formal as a company but also seek investors to provide his services to.

Empire’s progress has been strong, even against the backdrop of difficult economic & property market conditions respectively. The company has continued to market itself well & attract new investors to aid its growth.

Shepherd Cox

Shepherd Cox has developed a diversified group of assets worth £40m in sectors including healthcare, hotels, leisure, and residential. Working in partnership with over 150 investors and financial institutes from around the world including UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sydney, Beijing and New York.

In the past 36 months, Shepherd Cox has successfully sold and completed 230 units totalling £16.5 million within the hotel room investment sector. Use the download link to view the hotels Shepherd Cox currently own and operate within their portfolio, visit https://www.shepherdcox.com/ for more information.

Dolphin Trust

Dolphin Trust GmbH offers a secure short-term opportunity focusing on the unique Listed Building sector in Germany. They offer clients the chance to play a part in restoring historic buildings in some of Germany’s oldest cities and give these distinctive buildings a new life, creating a new future for history.

Dolphin Trust have offices across Germany focusing on the sourcing, construction and sales of German Listed Buildings and also have a global presence with offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and an Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore.

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