Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our service we offer a 12 month satisfaction guarantee

The Landlord’s Pension is so confident that you’ll be happy with your property pension that offer our guarantee. If within the first twelve months you have any cause for complaints, then we will refund all of the fees that you’ve paid to establish your property pension.

Our exit policy also means that you can leave at any time without charge. We’re the only company that offer this type of guarantee and we offer it because we firmly believe that you’ll be happy with a property pension. We don’t charge any fees for the initial inquiry, and the cost for a property pension is actually quite minimal. With our money back guarantee there’s absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t make an inquiry to find out if you qualify for a property pension.

No other pension company offers a money back guarantee (as far as we are aware). The Landlord’s Pension believes that it will get the service standards and requirements for its clients correct every time. If we don’t then it’s only fair that the fees you have paid are refunded.

The Landlord’s Pension will refund all of your set up and administration costs incurred in the first 12 months if you are not happy with the SSAS pension that you have. There must be a legitimate reason, such as poor service which you have complained about, or lack of investment options, new fees that you were not made aware of by the SSAS provider or new restrictions to your obvious detriment not brought about as a result of legislation changes. We won’t quibble, ultimately it just needs to be genuine and evidenced.

You are never tied in to a SSAS that we help to arrange. You can leave at any time and there are no penalties.

The guarantee applies only to SSAS pensions and not SIPP pensions. SIPP pensions have the benefit of other compensation schemes. The guarantee does not cover investment performance, so if your investments lose money, The Landlord’s Pension cannot be held responsible nor will it refund any set up costs in the event of this being the foundation for complaint. The guarantee is limited to SSAS fees that may be incurred in the set up of the SSAS and the administrative costs.

When you set up a SSAS there will be charges for the arrangement of the SSAS in addition to annual fees. These fees will all be covered in our guarantee scheme.

We will repay your set up costs within 1 week if your complaint is legitimate.

The guarantee starts from the point at which your SSAS is registered and your unique Pension Scheme Tax Reference is issued by HMRC.

Please contact the company in writing by email at enquiries@thelandlordspension.co.uk. The decision to repay is at the discretion of the company.

The Landlord's Pension