Property Crowdfunding

Invest your pension in property crowdfunding. If you are looking for security, diversification and fixed investment terms, then property crowdfunding could be for you.

Property crowdfunding offers the opportunity to diversify across projects whilst retaining security.

The rapid rise of Property crowdfunding has been well documented. Many people are unhappy with the return they are receiving in traditional savings schemes and are looking for an alternative. There are various types of crowdfunding from start-up businesses to property developers.

The Benefits of property crowdfunding

At The Landlord’s Pension we specialise in property-based crowdfunding investments. The main benefits of starting to invest your pension in property crowdfunding are the security that can be offered over the asset being purchased as well as the simplicity of the investment being undertaken. There is also the benefit of the generous returns that are on offer.

Crowdfunding explained

1. Property developer seeks funding

2. You invest from as little as £500 per project

3. Capital is secured against property

4. Receive fixed annual interest payment

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What will you learn?

  • How Crowdfunding is taking over the finance market
  • Why Property Crowdfunding is so popular
  • How you can significantly grow your pension using Property Crowdfunding
  • How Zena Robinson swapped the volatility of stocks for fixed returns


Many of the property projects listed for funding are straightforward and easy to understand, especially when compared with traditional fund-based investments. This means you can understand the risks involved and make an informed decision.


If funds are being raised to purchase tangible assets, such as property, the result is that security can be offered against that asset. This is by way of a 1st legal charge which is similar to the security that banks and building societies use when offering their customers a mortgage. It also makes it easier in this internet age to conduct due diligence on the property being purchased.


Property development traditionally yields attractive returns. Typically, a developer would look for a 30% return when undertaking a development, as a minimum. This means a developer raising capital through crowdfunding is able to offer an attractive return to investors, typically between 6-12% p.a.

Why is property crowdfunding so popular?

  • Low entry means you can diversify
  • Fixed returns between 6 - 12% p.a.
  • 1st Charge security against property
  • Simple propositions
  • Invest with your pension
  • Flexible investment time scales

Crowdfunding is approved for pension investment

Pension owners can now invest into peer to peer property loans using their SIPP or SSAS and enjoy tax-free returns. This facilitates benefit from diversified risk, alongside competitive returns using property-based crowdfunding.

New Pension Freedoms have resulted in a shift in the pension landscape. The option of short-term development projects with high returns means the peer to peer lending platform marries well with the changes to pension legislation of April 2015. This allows complete pension freedom.

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