Property ISA Investments

Secured, asset-backed property investments acheiving fixed returns to grow your ISA

Did you know you can invest your ISA in property?

ISAs have been incredibly popular since their conception in 1999. The reason being, many people are attracted by the tax-free growth that can be achieved. In addition, many are drawn by the flexibility of easy access to the funds. However, investment performance within an ISA has typically been below expectations.

The vast majority of ISAs are naively being invested in complex marketplaces such as the stock market. The problem with this is that, unless an expert in stocks and shares investing, it is difficult for the average investor to have much influence. As a result, there is little opportunity to guide the growth of the fund.

The Landlord’s Pension has an alternative solution.

Combining the tax benefits of an ISA with the straight forward nature of property investment facilitates you gaining control. The result of this, we believe allows you to influence the growth of your fund. The benefit of investing in property is that your capital investment can be secured against the property asset. This gives you the highest level of security.

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  • What a Property ISA is
  • Why Property ISA’s are so popular
  • Why you should consider a Property ISA over a traditonal ISA
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  • Simon and Teresa have helped me to gain control of my pension and now I am able to invest it in property through a fund with high fixed returns. I will also be able to use it on my own purchases / projects, which gives me much more cash access... Read more

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    Martin Littleboy
  • positive review We had a number of workplace and final salary pensions, dotted all over the place and decided to pull them all into one SSAS. Laura and the team were excellent in explaining what to expect and keeping us advised every step of the way, in fact as part of... Read more

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    Rosemary Wooding
  • positive review Mike Holt and his team have been awesome getting my SSAS set up. All ready to go in record time and looking forward to building the pension pot, tax-free!

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    Jeroen Hoppe
  • positive review Really professional company.
    I’ve pointed a few clients their way that want to release ‘dead’ money from their pensions to invest in higher returns.
    Gareth really knows his stuff and Teresa is super efficient.

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    Nick Carlile
  • positive review Genuine professional people delivering top notch quality customer service accompanied with the all important experience and in-depth knowledge of this business field.
    Many thanks in particular to Gareth and Teresa for their unswerving support advice and guidance over these past few years since I took up the challenge of looking after...
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    Nick Clement

The Landlord’s Pension is an expert in this niche sector of financial planning and have been helping clients to invest in property since 2004.