The Landlord's Pension

How to grow your property business in 2020 with a SSAS pension

Find out how property investors are using their pensions to grow their wealth and property business

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The Basics of a SSAS Pension

Even though SSAS Pensions have been available since the 70’s for most people they are still a fairly new concept. We’ll cover the basics of what a SSAS is and why they are available to company directors.


Growing your business

One of the key benefits of a SSAS Pension is the ability to use pension funds as a business tool. It doesn’t matter what industry your business operates in, a SSAS pension could open up a new funding method to grow your business.


Pension Growth

A SSAS Pension offers the most control when it comes to investment strategies. You are in complete control over where funds are invested and have access to investments that wouldn’t usually be available in a traditional pension, such as Property Crowdfunding.

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