You are eligible for a Self Invested Pension Plan

A SIPP enables the holder to choose and manage their investments.

A SIPP scheme gives a greater choice of investments that would otherwise be impossible with a traditional pension. You still get all the same great tax benefits, but now you get to make the investment decisions. You can invest directly in high yielding property, for example, something you cannot do with a traditional pension. 

There are SIPP rules that need to be adhered to when investing in property with a SIPP and we have expert knowledge to ensure you can make an informed decision. If your plan is to invest in property through a fund or as a direct investment then a SIPP could be the right pension for you. A property SIPP can cost as little as £500.00 per year and high yielding property investments can generate substantial returns. Much of the money you save is as a result of making investment decisions yourself.

Why am I not eligible for a SSAS?

The reason why you are eligible for a SIPP and not a SSAS is because you need to be a director of an active limited company to establish a Small Self-administered scheme. The reason for this is a SSAS Pension is a company pension scheme. 

A few questions worth considering are…

  • Is your spouse a company director?
  • Are you considering becoming a company director?

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What our customers say...

  • Mike Holt and his team have been awesome getting my SSAS set up. All ready to go in record time and looking forward to building the pension pot, tax-free!

    Jeroen Hoppe Avatar
    Jeroen Hoppe
  • Really professional company.

    I’ve pointed a few clients their way that want to release ‘dead’ money from their pensions to invest in higher returns.

    Gareth really knows his stuff and Teresa is super efficient.

    Nick Carlile Avatar
    Nick Carlile
  • Genuine professional people delivering top notch quality customer service accompanied with the all important experience and in-depth knowledge of this business field.

    Many thanks in particular to Gareth and Teresa for their unswerving support advice and guidance over these past few years since I took up the challenge of looking after...
    Read more

    Nick Clement Avatar
    Nick Clement
  • From the very beginning of the journey to re gain control of my pension and earn higher interest, the landlords pension were and still are extremely professional, they made the whole process very easy and explained the whole process. BRILLIANT 5 star service and 2 years on and all is good.

    Ben Garner Avatar
    Ben Garner
  • You get nothing but the best advice to use your pension in the correct manner. Setting up a SASS is not as daunting as one would think, it is the best thing I ever did. Being introduced to the Dolphin scheme to make my pension work hard was a no... Read more

    Selwyn Browne Avatar
    Selwyn Browne
  • i am now coming to the end of my 3rd year with mike and the team at the landlords pension, i have been very satisfied with the performance of my investmentand look forward to much of the same in the future.

    Andrew Dalgarno Avatar
    Andrew Dalgarno
  • Massive thanks to Laura and Teresa in helping set up the SASS. Great communications throughout and always on hand to answer queries.

    We are just about to embark on the investment side of things now the pensions have been transferred into the SASS and the range of investment opportunities give me...
    Read more

    Damian Spencer Avatar
    Damian Spencer
  • Mike is a very knowledgable and honest person , who I trusted

    Wendy Frazer Avatar
    Wendy Frazer
  • Gareth and Mike assisted myself and my husband in putting all of our Pensions into a SASS, Without them we would not have had a clue. Gareth made the process easy and understandable. Thoroughly recommend. 🙂

    Nicole Barratt - Rae Avatar
    Nicole Barratt - Rae
  • Simon King has been a great help to us in setting up our SSAS which we are planning to use to expand our property business.

    I would thoroughly recommend The Landlord's Pension.

    Tony McElvogue Avatar
    Tony McElvogue

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